Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Building a Custom Home

If you have always had a dream home in mind, you can actualize your dream by investing in a custom home. Before you dismiss this as wishful thinking, it is important to understand that custom homes are not always out of reach. In fact, sometimes building a custom home might be more cost-effective than buying an already built home, especially if you settle for a smaller sized custom home. What are some of the things you should consider when thinking of building your custom home?

Finances: This is the very first thing that you should think about when planning your custom home. The amount of money you have available will determine the appropriate community where you will build. Also, if you do not have available funds, you will need to think about taking a loan to close on your home once it is complete. It is recommended that you talk to a mortgage broker and a mortgage banker before you embark on the process of getting your custom home built.

Once you have gotten all your ducks in a row in matters finance, it is time to think about…

Location: You must determine where you want to live, and then take steps to find out what is required before you can build a custom home there. Some communities will sell home sites to the builders, while others will sell a home site directly to the homeowner. You must know what you are dealing with beforehand, so do your homework properly. Once you find a neighborhood you feel interested in, drive through the streets and see whether you would enjoy living there. Talk to the people living there. Check to see whether there are schools within accessible distance (if you have children), and whether other social amenities are easily accessible.

Style of your home: The beauty of building a custom home is you get to incorporate every specific need and want you have. However, you may have to align your style with the requirements of the community you choose, so think about this too. Get your inspiration from magazines, on blogs and even by borrowing from the styles of other homeowners in the neighborhood.

Call in the experts: Once you have taken care of the first three factors, it is time to call in the experts who will turn your dreams into reality. It is always important to work with people who have enough experience in building custom homes, and who can provide you with much-needed guidance during your home-building project. You may need an architect to properly capture your dream home on paper while a realtor may come in handy when dealing with the contractual bits of building a custom home. Lastly, you will need a builder; a company that has been building custom homes for many years, and one that you can rely upon to translate your dreams on paper into a beautiful custom home where you can create memories with your family for many years to come. So don’t put off owing your dream home. Start with a dream and finish with a home!

Posted by: Bruce Johnson Residential Construction http://bjrcinc.com/