Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preparing Your Home for Remodeling

Remodeling your home is a great way to get the house you always dreamed of without having to build it from scratch or buy a new one. However, there is a lot of ugliness involved in the remodeling process before your homes new look can come into shape. You need to be well prepared for the journey:

You may need to some permits from the local building authority before making changes to your home. You should find out the various permits and licenses you need before starting the construction project. Once you get a design plan, take it to the local building authority and find out what they have to say.

Warn the neighbors!
Construction can be quite nosy. All the machinery being used can generate a lot of noise that may disrupt the neighborhood. You may need to inform your neighbors of the construction about to take place. The dust and debris may also be blown by the wind into your neighbor’s pools and homes and this may be a cause of conflict.

Safety first
You need to contact an electrician and your gas supplier. During major construction, the electricity and fuel supply should be turned off to prevent any accidents. The electrician may be part of the remodeling team since the whole remodeling process also involves quite a bit of wiring. You should also turn of the water supply to the house in case any plumbing comes loose during construction.

Pack up
If you are remodeling only one part of the house, you can move the items from those rooms to the part of the house that is not under construction. You can also rent a self-storage unit for a month or two while the rooms are  being remodeled if these items cannot fit in the other parts of the house. You may need to stay with a friend or family during construction if the entire house needs to be redone. You need to agree on the timelines with the construction team so you know how long you will need to stay away from home.

Clean up
You need to clean out all the unnecessary junk piled up in your home before construction. This will reduce the amount of junk you need to sift through when packing up or what may obstruct the contractors from their work. You may even hold a yard sale before the remodeling. You can use the money from the sale towards your construction budget. Once the construction is complete, you will not want that junk messing up your new clean space.
Set aside emergency cash

Remodeling projects often tend to uncover some problems that were already in existence but unidentified. Therefore, the total cost of the entire project may be much more than you had projected. You need to stash away some emergency cash to cover these unexpected costs that may arise. You do not want the entire project stalling and ruining the timelines set. This will affect your permits and disrupt the contractors work.

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