Sunday, January 31, 2016

What You Need to Know About Building Your Own Home

When it comes to getting a new home, you have the choice of buying or building a new home. If you have access to a piece of land in a good location, constructing your own building is the best way to get the home of your dreams. You can custom build every part of the house to your own specifications and here is how to do it:

Find the right contractor for the job
The success of your project will greatly depend on the contractor you chose for the job. Your contractor will oversee the entire construction, advise you on which materials to use and see your home to completion making this choice very crucial. If you know of any friends or family who have built new homes recently, you can ask them for references to the contractors they used. You should hire contractors with a wealth of experience, good communication and decision-making and great customer services. A good contractor should involve you in every step of the construction and major decision-making process for ultimate success.

The idea of building a house exactly the way you want it sounds great, but there is something even more important to think about, finances. Building your own home is not cheap, but there are various ways you can cut costs to make it more affordable. You need to think of all the cash you have available, what you are willing to put towards the project along with monthly payments you are willing to make towards the project. Remember that the finances available for this project will be affected by your income level, current bills, credit card and loan payment. Be realistic with your budget and total figure to avoid any hiccups once construction has started. You should discuss this figure with the architect and contractor to see how they can envision your home idea within your budget.

Elemental design elements
Before going into the design and drawing up plans, you need to think of five design elements you must have in your new home and construct the rest of the house concept on these elements. This will help you focus on getting the home that matches your desires and ideas. These elemental design elements should be the must-haves but you can also create another list with elements you would like to have if there is enough left over from your budget.

Important contacts to have
There are so many different things to keep tabs on during new home construction. You should rely on the help of professionals to make sure everything is in order; to alert you whenever important decisions need to be made. You need to have your architect, contractor, landscape designer, engineer, plumber and electrician on speed dial during your home construction. Keep a list of all the people involved in your construction along with their contacts and keep it on site or even in your car to make it easy to communicate with them whenever necessary. 

Posted By: Bruce Johnson

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